I worked on the redesign of the iotec site towards the end of 2016. Following a rebrand the client wanted a more modern, cleaner, site which would better represent their company's brand and positioning while still being fairly easy to implement into Wordpress.

Starting with the homepage (to set the general style of the site), I explored some layout options which were feedback on and approved by the client quite quickly. The content for the rest of the site wasn't finalised at that time so we decided to work on the seven other sections on a page by page basis.

After sign off on all the pages, the build was undertaken by James Rock who then passed his front end code onto Ben Lattimore who implemented the site into iotec’s backend.

All in all, the project was completed totally remotely between myself, two developers and one member of the iotec marketing team over the course of a month or so. We were all able to work on other projects and commitments to deliver the site to the clients brief on time and under budget.

In November 2018 I helped to create a new set of brand guidelines which added more flexibility for the brand.

In July 2019 iotec was acquired SBDS and ceased to exist 😔

Role - UX & UI
Agency - Direct
Client - iotec
Year - 2016 to 2019

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