Film trivia

App concept on a second screen device to show film trivia.

The app would launch and detect what film was playing in the background then start to display time indexed trivia. Simple in concept but obtaining the time-indexed trivia for older films could prove problematic. 

A full write up of this concept can be read over at Medium.

Concept work, 2014

Four years on...

I posted this idea in 2014 before Netflix took off, in retrospect I can see this working better with Netflix now that they’re making their own programs and can bake in the trivia from the start of the process.

The problem with this concept was always getting the trivia time-indexed for older films. I’ve updated the concept below to show how it could be intergrated into a streaming service like Netflix.

The above examples show how the trivia could appear on the casting controls within the Netflix app. The trivia could also be shown on the users main screen, as below, probably on the top left to avoid problems with subtitles.

Ganda 2021