In February 2021 my wife and I, via our consultancy Goff-Yu, worked on the site redesign for this leading global influencer marketing agency.





In my brand research I was struck by Takumi’s 2020 sizzle reel which worked really well in showing the variation of their creators and work.

The randomness in its speed, image sizes and styles helped to show the diverse type of work that was being done within the social/influencer space by their creators.

Using this as a base I then set about creating a layout which used a lot of offset panels and blocks, to allow the site to feel less rigid and uniform.

This image treatment was applied to the homepage within the CMS, allowing Takumi to modify the words, images and colours to change up their messenging whenever they needed to.

By using their clients colours and assets we were able to add a lot of the colour into the case study pages. Likewise we utilised fading on scroll so that pages faded between coloured sections to avoid the site appearing too blocky.

Footer sections also faded in on scroll and loaded a random image to add some texture and detail to the pages.

We also did some soft branding work for Takumi, retiring their previous logo and working up a series of example treatments using their workmark filled in, outlined and at various angles and sizes.