Screen Yorkshire

Screen Yorkshire was established as one of nine regional screen agencies by the UK Film Council in 2002. Its ambition is to grow a world class screen industries hub of international significance in the Yorkshire and Humberside region. They deliver this vision by investing financially in productions; developing talent to create a skilled workforce; building best-in-class studios and fostering Yorkshire’s growing reputation as an outstanding location for creatives.

The existing site had only been around for a few years but already felt dated and was not reflective of Screen Yorkshire‘s growth in profile and stature, nor of the wider slate of activities that they would launch in 2018 (such as a new Film Office and Screen Skills).

Although the site was responsive, the page templates were narrower than most computer screens and the dark background and block colours made the site look older than it was. The page templates did not lend themselves to video (although the platform was capable of it), and the images were relatively small and broken, which diminished their impact. The pages all felt overcrowded with too much text and too many section headers.

In June of 2018, I started to work with We Are Telescopic to design a new site for Screen Yorkshire. The site needed to be bright, clean, visually driven, feel contemporary, dynamic and modern and reiterate that the organisation works predominantly in the visual/digital space.

An important aspect of the design was also the reuse of components and modules so that Screen Yorkshire could sufficiently adapt these to accommodate additional sections or pages should their remit grow. This was an interesting part of the brief as it meant that the design had to both fulfil the visual criteria but also be scalable from a build and content point of view.

Role - UX & UI
Agency - We Are Telescopic
Client - Screen Yorkshire
Year - 2018

We also briefly looked at Screen Yorkshire’s existing branding. We proposed a slight adjustment to their logo to be more visually consistent in terms of paddings and spacings and also suggested a new, simpler colour palette which would be softer and less vibrant then what they were using.

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